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Native American Trading Post Ark City, Kansas
Sunday, 10 January 2016
Why buy and wear Native Bead Earrings by Annlee Cakes
Why I think you should consider wearing Art Beaded Earrings.


Because they are beautiful and they are a Traditional piece of jewelry that will last for many years. Cleanable by dipping in soapy water and then rinsing and hanging to air dry. 

Fixable if you break one send it in for bead repair.

Owning a pair also helps support Native Crafts that are hand made and not like factory jewelry duplicated by the tens of thousands and sold in chain stores.

Art beaded earrings are tasteful and brilliant. And, come as post earrings, small. medium and long lengths.. You can also find one of our designs and order it in the colors of your choice. Try that at a chain store?

The most beautiful hand crafted items came after the introduction of beads, and especially colored beads. However, long before glass beads appeared?

Originally, Native American Indians crafted beads that were carved from natural materials like shells,coral,turquoise and stones or the metals like copper, silver, wood, amber, ivory, and animal bones, horns, quills, and some were discovered made from teeth. Glass beads were not used until the fur traders brought to the Natives in trade for furs. Glass beads quickly became part of American Indian Crafts culture. Today glass beads, particularly fine seed beads, are the primary materials for traditional bead artists of many tribes and adorn the finest of Regalia you may view in the Great Circle.

In closing, we invite you and your friends to visit and explore the Beautiful Native Jewelry at our friends Family Jewels.

Thanks for reading, and please consider sharing this
Blessings, Annlee Wells

Visit: Native Crafts


Four of our Master  Regalia Designers: In red Regalia is Annlee

Native American Indian Crafts

Use of beads, furs and leathers Native Americans have been crafting for centuries and beyond. Basically all their clothes were also crafted from hides. For summer wear most hides were scrapped clean of fur, and for winter they kept the fur on but reversed the wearing so the fur was against the body to keep heat in.

Crafting was natural to the Native Indians. Women crafted designs and made utensils from the horns and bones of animals the Warriors brought to the meals. Warriors crafted with leather, sinew and feathers and even with stones or hair braided into useful things. All decorations were a craft.

When new items became available the Natives crafted with them. Examples are: Metals, beads of wood, beads of horns, glass beads brought by traders.

Today, we all can see the wonders of Native American Indian Crafts by attending the fantastic Pow Wows held all over the United States. Seeing the time people have spent to create their Dancing Regalia is marvelous when you come to understand it was not done overnight. Some have spent years to create their Circle Items.

Moreover, at the Pow Wow you will see many vendors displaying crafted items for sale. I do not know of even one Powwow without vendors showing off their wares like the traders of old. But, with tents and displays!

The list of crafted items is endless: From bows and arrows to eating utensils. Encompassing decorating one's horse to decorating one's Tepee. Making knives, clubs and even flutes or pipes is all Native American Indian Crafts. Many women crafted foot wear and clothes. Pots made from clay have been discovered for centuries.

Today, crafted items include earrings, jewelry, rattles, Head Wear, Colorful and gorgeous Dance Regalia and even fancy dance shawls. Like I said the list is truly endless.

Annlee Cakes Traditional Native JewelryWe appreciate your time and Thanks for visiting.

Family Jewels and Silver Inc.

Loose Diamond Dealer

Jewelers Ring Mountings from Family Jewels

Seed Bead History:

Seed bead crafts date as far back as 4000 years ago and come from many cultures all around the world. Nevertheless, Native Americans are the most known seed bead artist because of their use to create ornate costumes and moccasins. Even though seed bead crafts have been found in the Pharaohs tombs in Egypt.

Venice, Italy, is believed to be the birthplace of the modern beading era which started around 1480 as many people invented ways to mass produce seed beads in glass. Seed beads became the traders exchange money as they were useful, light weight and highly in demand by the North American Indian population which incorporated them into their daily wear. Trade beads from this era now are very costly and collectible. Prices range from $2.00 as high as $ 789 per bead. Vintage seed beads are pricey as well.


Many stitching ways were discovered? Like the peyote stitch, brick stitch and square stitch which are common in beading crafted items. The peyote stitch has a few types such as the 2-drop, 3-drop and 4 drop patterns which many Native American Artist have become the masters of adding peyote stitch beading to Regalia and Dance Circle items such as leggings, hair pieces, belts, moccasins, cuffs and to create adornment loaded Dancing Regalia that we all can enjoy at the Pow Wow Ceremonies.


Seed beads can also be embroidered onto almost any fabric. Many craft items are beaded on a loom and then hand sewn to leathers to create the adornments we see at the pow wows. Or are stand alone seed beaded items like earrings and necklaces that are done with modern strong threads developed for heavy use and less breakage of the stringing materials.


Seed beading is a simple craft which can be shared with the young ones and is light, portable and easy to take from place to place. I sit and bead constantly during the pow wows and enjoy creating and sharing with all who ask. Clearly, the versatility of using and crafting with seed beads is endless ideas and possibilities. Many projects are simple enough that minimal skill and trial and error correct as they learn the art of seed crafting. As one learns the tricks of seed beading they can tackle a deeply patterned earring or necklace set. Beading takes practice and more practice to become proficient at the art of seed bead crafting.


To get started all you need is the thread, needles and a few beads and of course some patterns to follow. The patterns are all over the internet and use the FREE ONES. Once you learn the basics you will quickly discover you can see a finished project and duplicate it with out allot of problems. I do no think any new patterns exist? I say this because I believe every thing has been done that can be done and in truth we all are beading patterns from long ago patterns. But, color combinations are personal and using a different set of colors upon established patterns does create the unusual one-of-a-kind that is exciting and rewarding.


Please remember? If your at a pow wow and you do see a seed beaded item you would like to try beading ask for permission first as many are family treasures handed down generation upon generation. You will discover the Native American wearing the items usually is open and honored that you would like to re-create the finished product. Mass production to-day has filled the world with seed beaded items that appear as those we create for Regalia. The difference is easy if you examine the quality of the stitching and of course ask the one selling the item if they can craft the incidental items pattern with YOUR CHOICE OF COLORS? This simple test is needed even at booths within the pow wows as many booths carry the mass produced seed beading items but do not do the actual seed beaded crafting them self.


At every pow wow in my booths we always keep many projects being worked upon on display for people to see we are Real Genuine Seed Bead Artists and can make their choice of colored beads into every pattern we display in a finished product.


You have found a real Native Artist  today!

Family Jewels Native Craft JewelryOsiyo to all



Safe AND Secure Buying with ANY CREDIT CARD

You may check out with PROCEED TO CHECKOUT


Here you enter the relevant information and shipping address VIA PAY PAL No Account Needed

NOTE: It brings you back to our site to CONFIRM YOUR ORDER


WHICH IS FOR ALL CUSTOMERS THAT do have a paypal account.

The difference is PayPal Checkout fills in all the forms and your information automatically for you.

A Faster Checkout.


All credit card information passes directly to our payment processor and is never stored by us.

Your security is our first priority. Your account security is our top concern!

We also have been offering PayPal checkout for many years.

All our Transactions go through PayPal at this time.

Posted by annleecakes at 5:58 AM CST
Monday, 2 November 2015
Family Jewels Rebate Sale in Great Bend, Kansas

"Special Rebate Sale" ....Online offer only.

Starting October 31st to November 30th 2015.

With every order over $100.00 on new Sterling Silver Earrings, Sterling Silver Rings, Sterling Silver Pendants or any of our beautiful Loose Gemstones we will give an in-store credit rebate of $35.00 to your account. You must have a regular account to qualify for this special offer. Guest checkout cannot receive the Special Rebate Sale Offer.

The $35 rebate will be credited to your regular account within 15 days of your purchase. And, then the rebate can be used on any of the above listed items in our store on any future order over $100.00 and will also then qualify for FREE SHIPPING anywhere in the world FREE!!!

This is a golden opportunity to stock up for those Christmas gifts every one looks for?

Visit: Family Jewels

Posted by annleecakes at 6:51 AM CST
Monday, 31 August 2015
The Most Wanted Jeweler in Great Bend, Kansas

Great Bend's Most Wanted Jeweler

Warning! Armed.....He is know to be armed! With a pocket full of gemstones.

Approach with caution! He has thousands of fun stories to tell.

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Wanted for making "Hand Cast" Fine Jewelry the old fashioned way. One at a time!

Wanted for selling genuine Diamond Rings starting at just $49.00 and up.

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Wanted for Roasting a Marshmallow in public.

Most Wanted Jeweler In Great Bend Kansas

Have you seen this jeweler?

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Because you want Family Jewels in Great Bend, Kansas


Claim your reward today by opening an account with

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Credits NEVER EXPIRE until you decide when to use them.


Family Jewels and Silver in Great Bend, Kansas

FREE $5 in store credit from family Jewels

Visit: Family Jewels Online

The best jewelry store online in Kansas

Kansas wholesale gemstone dealer

Kansas wholesale lose natural and lab grown gemstones

Native American Crafts in Kansas

Family Jewels and Silver

Family Jewels on FaceBook


This is Annlee the owner of Annlee Cakes Native American Regalia and Crafts

And pabear48

Most Friendly Online Jewelry Store,Kansas

Posted by annleecakes at 7:31 AM CDT
Wednesday, 5 August 2015
Buy loose gemstones in Great Bend, Kansas
Topic: Native American Crafts

Family Jewels and Annlee Cakes Native American Regalia and Crafts

Brings you fine silver and gold jewelry and beautiful Native Crafted Jewelry

Wedding rings in Great Bend, Kansas

We custom design all WEDDING JEWELRY

At Family Jewels

We are second to no one in our wholesale gemstone prices. 

Perhaps, it is because we carry only the finest grades of gemstones? Or maybe, it is simply we believe in volume selling for the last forty years? No matter what it is? 

We offer the finest jewelry and gemstones at great prices to all. 

That is why the jewelers come and buy from us, and so can you.


Annlee Cakes in Great Bend, Kansas Annlee and Bob

Annlee Cakes at Family Jewels

Crafts all Native American Indian pow wow and dance items, including seed beaded earrings, and regalia jewelry hand-crafted in traditional styles to the Native American Nation.

Last month we had the honor to craft a duplicate Native Wedding Drop Necklace from 1928.

The family contacted us and it was determined that the original drop necklace threading was very frail and that restoring it was not probable for they desired keeping it as is and as Grandma wore it at her wedding. They wanted the necklace able to be worn again.

The solution was recreating the art beaded Wedding Necklace. And the family agreed!

The video below depicts the recreation of this Traditional and Family Treasure.

The symbol within the drop necklace at first blush glance might appear offending?

However, if you know history it was a sacred symbol for thousands of years before being used by Germany.


For thousands of years it was used by many religious cultures including the Catholic Church. In fact, a young choir buy saw this symbol next to a Saint in his church. Many years he adopted this symbol for his terror reign. Fact!

The "hooked cross" as it was originally known also played a part in Native History, and can be found in caves and upon other things discovered in the Americas. Buddhists still use this symbol today with original points rather than end blocks

The symbol was an ancient sacred symbol in numerous cultures around the world, including the cultures of India, Asia, the Middle East, Europe and North America.

In India, the symbol has thousands of years of history. It remains one of the most prominent spiritual symbols in Hinduism, Jainism and Buddhism today, and is found in temples and religious shrines throughout Asia from antiquity onward.

Known to exist at:
The ancient city of Troy.
The Iron Age Koban culture of the Caucasus in Asia minor
On prehistoric Vinca artifacts from South-Eastern Europe
Amongst the ancient Hittites who lived in the area of present day Syria
In Ein Gedi, near Israel's Dead Sea
In the Tang Dynasty of China
In the 13th Century Amiens Cathedral in France
In ancient Greek architectural designs
On Native American Indian artifacts including those of the Navajo and Hopi
On pre-Christian Anglo-Saxon and Druidic artifacts

Originally it meant peace or tranquility of spirit.

I share the above so those reading this understand it is not meant as how Germany miss-used it. Rather, to share it was used for over 12,000 years by others in a far better way.

I share the video to show my looming and art beading gifts from Mother.

I share because our Tradition is to share.


Please remember: To the Native Family and to Native Indians this symbol was and remains Sacred.

And, is still used by many Religions around the World today.

Family Jewels buys used Native Regalia

As well as all Turquoise and Silver jewelry.

Native American Regalia in Great Bend, Kansas

We have earrings, necklaces, rattles, dream Catchers,

feathers, Cuffs, fan handles, collectibles, medicine bags, art,

art prints and art originals and Warrior Items as well as beaded

strips. Find a design and change the colors by calling us and making a Special Order. Your Regalia is very personal!

To-Day beaded copies of designs are made commercially and in great numbers and yet there still are some traditional Medicine People who do hand-craft and create cultural styled regalia jewelry which is not commercially mass produced but are each hand crafted the traditional ways.

You can find real designer at Pow Wows by simply asking if they can craft YOU a Special Order item with the bones and decorations YOU PICK. If they can you discovered a real traditional designer and not a mass produced seller. It is like a REAL SEED DESIGNER who can create a Special Order design of YOUR CHOICE of colored seed beads to use in the finished pattern item. Mass produced people whom are simply sellers cannot do this simple test? Hand-crafting is a learned skill and it is an art of Culture and Traditions. And, please remember just as you go to work expecting a living wage in these days: So does a genuine traditional DESIGNER deserve the same concept and respect of their Mother Earth gifted abilities. WE ARE REAL GENUINE DESIGNERS...You like one of my designs but desire different colors...We can do that!

You have found a real bead art designer To-Day!

We have designers that are Registered Members of the following tribes: Pottawatomie, Iowa, Cherokee, Chippewa, Navajo, and more. We also have designers that are in the process of registration. And, we have some few that are masters in the styles of Native Regalia. On any item we are pleased to inform you of the designer if you request more information. email:

We can Peyote stitch decorate Your Raptor Feathers!

We use larger type for the vision impaired: We are not shouting.  


Visit: Family Jewels and Silver

Family Jewels and Silver Inc.
1911 Lakin Avenue
Great Bend, Ks 67530
Phone: 620-796-2252

Mugwa: Annlee




Posted by annleecakes at 10:25 AM CDT
Thursday, 16 July 2015

Original Art by pabear48

Family Jewels in Great Bend, Kansas

Is excited to offer "Original Master Paintings"

From Kansas artist and author Robert W. Vincent:

Also known as pabear48 on the internet.

Bob says:
An artist creates what is within his mind:

A viewer sees what their mind sees!
Art is in the "Eye of the Beholder"
Private showings can be arranged if desired?
Make this by a phone call to Larry.

Visit  Bob's Art Section

Posted by annleecakes at 6:23 AM CDT
Updated: Thursday, 16 July 2015 6:26 AM CDT
Monday, 22 June 2015
Buy Certified Diamonds Wholesale in Kansas

Wholesale Certified Diamonds

Certified Diamonds Wholesale at Family Jewels and Silver Inc,

We are the wholesale provider to the jewelers.

We offer the finest Certified Loose single diamonds wholesale to our customers.

And, we can design a total finished ring or pendant that you desire.

Great Bend Jewelry Wholesaler

Wholesale Certified single diamonds

We will describe each diamond in the details a fine jeweler can fully understand in our diamond section.

We do not keep these diamonds at our Store.

They are in the bank vault. 

So please allow us at least 72 hours to 96 hours to ship one ordered by phone only.

These are a no return item because they are fully certified and totally described.

All diamonds have either a GIA, IGI  or EGL Certificate.

Great Bend Jewelry Store

The diamonds CANNOT be bought through our cart system.

The Notice box on each one says SORRY OUT OF STOCK

Because they are not a cart item available through auto-check out.

Click the one you want more information on.

Use a phone call to order. 620-796-2252 Ask for Larry

The "sorry out of stock" in the preview panes is sight activated.

When one is sold and no longer available?

The preview photo will look like this.

Wholesale Certified Diamonds at Family Jewels

Visit: Family Jewels Store



Great Bend Jewelry Store

Posted by annleecakes at 6:46 AM CDT
Saturday, 16 May 2015
June Jaunt Activities in Great Bend, Kansas

This is it!






June Jaunt $ 4.99 Jewelry Sale


June 5th, 6th and 7th


Family Jewels and Silver Inc.
1911 Lakin Avenue
Great Bend, Ks 67530

We have our in house Gemologist to assist you.

And, a friendly helpful staff.



June Jaunt Special Sale


Garnet Red
Natural Citrine
Smokey Quartz
Swiss Blue Topaz
And more! Your choice for just $ 4.99 a carat.

Does not include our diamonds or emeralds.
Sorry but this special is not available at our online store.

Over 1 Million Carats on sale at just $ 4.99 a carat

YOUR CHOICE: Watches for just $ 4.99 and includes a new FREE BATTERY installed.

Watch batteries only $ 4.99 and RECEIVE FREE INSTALLATION

Sterling Silver Charms for just $ 4.99 each

On the sidewalk: Display by Annlee Cakes Native American Regalia and Crafts


Hundreds of earrings for just                                    $ 4.99 each
Hand crafted.
Silk crafted earrings                                                            
Crocheted drop earrings                                           
Genuine stone drop earrings                                               
Many beaded earrings                                  
Genuine by tots and teens: Prayer bags just             $ 4.99 each
Traditional Vine Dream Catchers starting at               $ 4.99 and up.

June Jaunt sidewalk sale: Come on down!

Live Crafting Demonstrations and even Flute Playing.

$ 4.99 Never looked so good?

June  5th, 6th and 7th 2015

Downtown in Great Bend, Kansas

Posted by annleecakes at 6:28 AM CDT
Calm Sleep Medicine Bags
Topic: Native American Crafts
Native Pow Wow Regalia
Annlee Cakes Native American Regalia and Crafts
Arkansas City, Kansas

Makes Traditional Spirit Medicine Bags

Need a calm sleep? Try our Traditional Sleep Medicine Bags. 

They last for years.

We have other Medicine Bags as well.

Posted by annleecakes at 6:23 AM CDT
Monday, 20 April 2015
Mothers Day gifts in Great Bend, Kansas

Mothers Day

Sunday May 10th we all celebrate Mother's Day.



Clearly, a personalized jewelry choice is a perfect gift idea for Mother's Day. 

Perhaps a simple but eloquent sterling silver Mom's charm? 

Or a beautiful genuine gemstone pendant in her favorite color or even her birth month.




Let us not forget those beautiful Mother's day rings depicting her children. 

Or a diamond ring fit for a queen!



At Family Jewels and Silver we are the friendly jeweler who can assist you with a great gift idea in fine jewelry for Mother's Day. Our friendly staff is always ready to answer every question you may have.

Our in house gemologist is able to cast, set and create that perfect gift.

And with our 40 years of experience we are fine jewelers that know our customers desires, needs and wants for fine jewelry.


Happy Mother's Day to all moms!

Visit: Family Jewels and Silver

Posted by annleecakes at 7:54 AM CDT
Thursday, 16 April 2015
New Mothers in Great Bend, Kansas
Mood:  happy
Topic: pregnancy

Pregnant in Great Bend, Kansas 

We are sure it was not by eating a watermelon seed?

At Family Jewels we believe every pregnant woman deserves a new jewelry gift.

We have beautiful charms for mom.

We have baby rings, earrings, bracelets and more.

Sometimes, during all pregnancy's a laugh at our self moment is a great thing?

Or, simply as a pressure remover?

Our friend pabear48 with his artistic talents has created just the right things for relief.

Personal items including clothing, household and even office pregnant art products.

Thousands to explore and choose from. Even announcement cards and balloons.

Why we even saw yard signs at the shop.

We invite our customers, friends and family to visit and explore all the PREGNANCY ART PRODUCTS.




Here are few sample photos depicting some of the fun filled pregnancy art by pabear48.

Click on any of the pregnancy photos for a SAFE AUTO LINK TO PABEAR'S SHOP


We suggest sharing this link with all friends and family.

For we all know? Pregnancy happens!

Posted by annleecakes at 7:36 AM CDT

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