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Native American Indian Crafts

Annlee Cakes Native American Regalia and Crafts shares about Native Traditions and Culture as applied to Native Indian Crafts.

Native Americans have been crafting for centuries and beyond. Basically all their clothes were also crafted from hides. For summer wear most hides were scrapped clean of fur, and for winter they kept the fur on but reversed the wearing so the fur was against the body to keep heat in.

Crafting was natural to the Native Indians. Women crafted designs and made utensils from the horns and bones of animals the Warriors brought to the meals. Warriors crafted with leather, sinew and feathers and even with stones or hair braided into useful things. All decorations were a craft.

When new items became available the Natives crafted with them. Examples are: Metals, beads of wood, beads of horns, glass beads brought by traders.

Today, we all can see the wonders of Native American Indian Crafts by attending the fantastic PowWows held all over the United States. Seeing the time people have spent to create their Dancing Regalia is marvelous when you come to understand it was not done overnight. Some have spent years to build their Circle Items.

Moreover, at the Pow Wow you will see many venders displaying crafted items for sale. I do not know of even one Powwow without venders showing off their wares like the traders of old. But, with tents and displays!

The list of crafted items is endless: From bows and arrows to eating utensils. Encompassing decorating one's horse to decorating one's Teepee. Making knives, clubs and even flutes or pipes is all Native American Indian Crafts. Many women crafted foot wear and clothes. Pots made from clay have been discoved for centuries.

Today, crafted items include earrings, jewelry, rattles, Head Wear, Colorful and gorgeous Dance Regalia and even fancy dance shawls. Like I said the list is truly endless.

The most beautiful hand crafted items came after the introduction of beads, and especially colored beads. However, long before glass beads appeared?

Originally, Native American Indians crafted beads that were carved from natural materials like shells,coral,turquoise and stones or the metals like copper, silver, wood, amber, ivory, and animal bones, horns, and some were discovered made from teeth. Glass beads were not used until the fur traders brought to the Natives in trade for furs. Glass beads quickly became part of American Indian Crafts culture. Today glass beads, particularly fine seed beads, are the primary materials for traditional beaders of many tribes and adorn the finest of Regalia you may view in the Circle.

I hope you enjoyed! Mugwa...Annlee
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Kaw Nation Pow Wow: A Story shared!
The Kaw Nation Pow Wow held every August is an event we attend as a vender of Native American Jewelry, Crafts and Regalia.

Annlee Cakes Native American Regalia and Crafts of Arkansas City, Kansas

A wonderful story shared!

Last year at the Kaw Nation Pow Wow a security officer dropped around the booth and asked me if I could craft a Special hat band for his hat. Of course I said “Yes!”

He shared with me the colors he desired in the seed bead band. I asked about what pattern he desired? The response was simply: “You decide?” “When would you like the band by” I asked. “Bring it with you next year” he replied.

Update Kaw Nation Pow Wow 2010

Over the Winter I kept thinking about the hat band. No pattern seemed to fit?

Then in January 2010 I had a vision. A pattern I saw! A story attached!

We arrived at the Kaw Nation Pow Wow 2010 early afternoon Friday and started setting up the booth. A few security officers dropped by and we asked about our special officer if he was around. Gleefully, we put out an APB capture request with all the LEO’s. And, they were having some fun with this also.

About an hour later our friend officer arrived at the booth laughing and talking about the APB from his fellow Officers. I showed him the crafted hat band, but did not tell him about the Vision or the Story at this time. He liked the band, and said he would bring his hat to the booth the next day.

Saturday arrived hot and humid! So did the security officer with a beautiful black Stetson in hand. He left it with me, and I was going to permanently attach this band to the hat because he lost his last one that was simply tied to the hat.

I finished the hat, and Bob groomed and cleaned the jet black Stetson until it shined as new as from the rack from where it came.

A bit later the officer arrived with others, and picked up the hat. Asked what do I owe you? My reply: “ I was honored to create this for you, and tradition tells me it is up to you to decide?”, “For this was Native to Native! He stood silent and impressive in his shiny uniform and very tall and broad in his stance. I told him about how difficult the choice of pattern for the band, and that in January a gift of Vision arrived. I explained the entire pattern and the meaning of each symbol and how it spoke. He and others listened!

Away he drove off in the security golf cart with another Officer and stating he would be back. After that as the day passed onward he drove by a few times with not a word said. He stopped once and asked if we liked gator aid, and dropped off some. Not a word was exchanged about the band.

Later that night, long after the sun had set. My eye caught him walking over to me as I was sitting in a chair. Half kneeled down, fist clinching an item: He said, “I do not wish to offend you! I am not sure what to do?” I said, “You shall not!”

He pushed the item in his hand into mine. Kissed my cheek, said “Thank you! I will treasure this for the rest of my life” and then he cried. I also then cried.

To my Native Brother I say: “Mugwa!”

This exchange is what being a Native American Traditionalist is all about. Even a man well into his 40’s had a new birth and an experience never known before. A growth and power he now has for sharing in all time to arrive as He walks his walk with Creator.

I share this story for one reason and one reason ONLY.

To know the Culture is to Share the Culture!

Much had happened in his life during the past year: And, that only he can share or discuss as he feels to do with others. As a Medicine Woman the seed of a Vision Gift had been passed, explained and shared.

I hope you enjoyed this true story, and maybe understand a tid-bit more about Our Heritage and the true meaning of Native Culture.

Thank you, Trulee WHA-O-CHA-NI-STANDING


Kaw Nation Pow Wow
Was a very rewarding and fun outing!

We just returned home from two days at the Kaw Nation Pow Wow in Oklahoma where we displayed products from Annlee Cakes Native American Regalia and Crafts.

One special thing happened that excited me! On Saturday morning a gentleman in his forties talked to Bob about his books on display. They discussed HRAY-MAH Jesus Christ is Coming!, during most of their conversation. He bought the book.

Now Bob sells many books so this was not the interesting excitement? That evening around 6pm the gentleman returned, He was excited!

As he explained: During the day he sat and read the First Volume of a three volume set and said: “This book is unbelievable. I have never read someone writing like this in a style unlike all former Christian books I have read. It was like you were sitting next to me and talking to me as I read your book. Bob! I did not tell you this morning that I am an Ordained Minister and your book has touched my life.” Bob smiled and they both sat and talked some more. Yet! It was even greater? For another also bought book one and came back that night to get Volume two! (A future sharing perhaps?)

He had returned, due that he had finished reading Volume one and now bought Hray-Mah Gods Word To A Man (Volume 2) from Bob. That was neat!

Bob once more autographed this second book: But, to the gentleman’s son as requested by the buyer. This interested Bob and they both talked once more for a very long time. I watched as Bob autographed a limited Print of Winter Warrior to the gentleman’s son as a Gift. That was exciting to me!

While getting my own regalia on for dancing in the Great Circle I discovered I had forgotten some of it on the table back home. A first for Ole Annlee. Especially forgetting my Dance Fan! Nevertheless, all turned out ok because I simply borrowed one off our displays and went out dancing.

A blessing for Our Booth also took place! A very well known Elder Native American stopped by and asked if he could sit down. Of course we replied! As he sat there he started to open the long precious bag he was carrying and with gentle care removed six Native Flutes and set them down in a pattern on the table next to him. Without a word spoken or exchanged he began playing his flutes. Changing from one flute to another and the music soared through the air even to the Spirits there. He played one song upon each flute as he sat with us, and as a crowd formed around the booth listening.

He is known as “Flute Man” to the entire Nations.

Flute Man blessed us with his music, and returned four more times to sit, visit and play for us. This was a Great Honor and very Special Blessing upon our booth, crafts and us.

At a Pow Wow one can never predict what will occur next? A young Native gentleman had his booth right next to ours’. He was doing washable and safe tattoo art. Bob spent shared time with this young Native Craftsman, and they became friends. A rewarding adventure around the corner has begun.

I hope you enjoy this short sharing:

Mugwa! Annlee

We use large text for the Vision impaired.
Annlee is also vision impaired.
We are not shouting!  Thank you...Annlee


"Winter Warrior" by Artist Robert W. Vincent

Bone Chokers and the Native Americans

From the beginning of The Great Cedar:

Native Americans crafted and wore jewelry carved from bone and horn parts.  The bone choker provided physical protection of the neck and the jugular vein during battle and fighting in the hope to deflect an arrow shot at them by an enemy during war parties.

Bone chokers are also believed to provide spiritual protection of the voice which was a gift from the story of the Bears Berry. By wearing a bone choker, the spirits of the animal they come from were believed to provide spiritual protection from all kinds of troubles and even disease.

It was said that the Spirit shall also provide a great speaking ability when wearing a properly made bone choker that always speaks the truth and guides the warrior to speak from the heart. Warriors that had been to battle always wore a bone choker which showed they were in battle with enemies of the tribe.

In many tribes the Medicine Man would create powerfully made types of bone chokers to protect the Spirit of the warrior. And some Native Americans even had vision dreams about a certain type of bone choker and then asked their tribe's Medicine Man to make it for them. Rarely would a Native American make his or her own bone choker as it required the spiritual power of the Medicine People so the bone choker would have the great spiritual powers and protections while being worn. Most were crafted from buffalo bones and a few from deer bones and very special vision dream ones could be from any animal even birds. Some bones were dyed and colored by using plants like the blueberry and raspberry or wild strawberries and even cranberries. They experimented in dying bones and sometimes even hides.

Originally they used real animal  Sinew used to string bone chokers were usually from Deer or Buffalo and were cut usually with a sharpened stone or a piece of harder bone scrapped upon rocks until razor sharp. When they could they adopted porcupine quills as needles and for making holes. Spacers were crafted from bones, rocks, quills, wood and leather before white man brought metal and beads for adorning the chokers. They also used precious stones like turquoise or shells and feathers and using beads when they arrived. And even carved designs and finally adding  sliver and/or gold  on the chokers.

It was believed that the number of strands a choker was made in held a greater meaning to the original Natives than it does To-Day?

Or another tale states they increased the strands for more protection during battles. A larger choker deflected more arrow hits? This also influenced the protective bone breast plates created also for arrow deflection while in battle.

By the fires we have been told the number of strands meaning when created?

1)     Creator

2)     Mother Earth

3)      Spirit Walking

4)     The Four Wind Spirits Protection

5)      A Great Warrior

6)      Tribal Leaders and Medicine People

7)      Spiritual Unity

8)      Peace and Totality of Spirit: Silent Walking!


Bone Chokers To-Day are made commercially and in great numbers and yet there still are some traditional Medicine People who do hand-craft and create cultural styled bone chokers which are not commercially mass produced but are copied for mass production.

You can find them at Pow Wows by simply asking if they can craft YOU a Special Order item with the bones and decorations YOU PICK.  If they can you discovered a real traditional crafter and not a mass produced seller.  It is like a REAL SEED BEADER who can create a Special Order design of YOUR CHOICE of colored seed beads to use in the finished pattern item. Mass produced people whom are simply sellers cannot do this simple test? Hand-crafting is a learned skill and it is an art of Culture and Traditions. And, please remember just as you go to work expecting a living wage in these days: So does a genuine traditional crafter deserve the same concept and respect of their Mother earth gifted abilities as Medicine People.

By Wha-O-Chee  (( Bear Standing ))





The Bear that gave a Gift:

Tradition story shared at the fires by the Midewiwin whom are the Native Tribes Medicine People.

Long long ago when Buffalo filled the grass from blade to blade the First Council of the Medicine Spirits was held at the Center of the Earth and it was called by the Sky Spirits to ask the help of the under Mother-earth Spirits in saving a strange, un-furred animal named mankind.

In a ceremony of secret, the Otter and Bear were chosen to push the first Tree of Life pole (Grandmother Cedar) from Mother Earths core to the surface Sacred Ground to form the first channel of communications between above the ground and below the ground.

"Mugwa!" called Otter down the split in the earth where the top of the cedar pole had first appeared to the Face of Mother Earth.

"My fur is drying out in the warm winds and I need help to raise the Cedar?

That is when mighty Great Bear gave one last mighty heave with his giant muscles, and all that we see and hear and know trembled, when first arrived what we call theTree of life emerged into the light of the moon and the sun.

"Mugwa," urged Otter, "We have finished raising the Cedar as they told us. I am ready to return from where I came."

"Mugwa," growled Great Bear while he lifted his great head and curiously sniffed the warm new fragrant and now sacred smells from the Sky Spirits.

"I would see this creature without fur for whom the whole First Council was so deeply concerned."

"Mugwa" stated the agreeable Otter, "Now must we hurry."

The two sacred totem animals did not have far to look to greet their Vision Quest.

They came upon a cluster of the un-furred creatures pounding bark. Seeing them they hollered to the Four Winds, and the un-furred creatures dropped the bark, and fled, except for one small man-child who could not even stand on his hind legs. Great Bear stared at the un-furred man-child with his big brown bulging eyes

Great Bear saw that man-child had no claws, no teeth, and no fur, and not even a Berry. Wow! Great Bear shouted out, they have no Last Red Berry?

Otter replied. "They have not a What? What is a last red berry?

"Not even a berry." Great Bear pointed down an opening in the man-child's head out of which came wails of people sound breaking the silence of the night.

Man-Child does not have a Last Berry said Great Bear as he leaned back his huge head, parted those massive great jaws, and Otter looked into the carnivorous throat . There, hanging from the back of Great Bear's throat, was a round, ripe red colored "miskomin" as some came to know it many moons later as a rose-colored berry.

"Mugwa" said Otter. "To what end of need is such a thing? For I ask what it is!"

"Mugwa" little Otter friend, "For it is the very Last Berry I ate, and holds all the other black and red berries I have ever eaten before down inside. So the Last Berry remains so I never starve because the Last berry is always there."

Otter moved nervously into the water as he called out to Great Bear.

"I have never known or really understand why anyone would eat berries, but if you think that man-child needs one perhaps you should give him a Last Red Berry."

Great Bear slammed down on his great buttocks as hard as one can do, and then slid down a small slope of new sand right to the dune of Earth that greets the Sacred Waters. Behind him, where his great rump had opened up the virgin sands. Instantly, there now grew a long deep sacred green vine with shiny leaves and little round red berries just like the one in Great Bear's mouth he believed.

Great Bear reached over, yanked off a little red round berry, and dropped it into the wailing man-child's mouth.

"Mugwa " Great Bear rumbled in soft and gentle bear tones, "Now you little man-child shall not starve. For you have a Red Last Berry just like Great Bears"

The astonished infant man-child was still, trying to keep his bear berry down. (To this very day: That is exactly what all babies are doing when you see them silently swallowing. In swallowing they are trying to keep their Great Bear Gift of the Last Berry down.)

The warm sunlight of The Sky Spirits lit upon the new red bearberry vine and upon the swirling circles created in the water as Otter and Great Bear returned to Mother Earth leaving the Sacred Cedar (Tree of Life) and The sacred Green Vine with little red berries, and a peaceful and quiet wee man-child.

On a rock and from a perched position the wisdom of the Bahmbth-benahsee (whom we now know as the Tom-Tom Bird) watched all the things of the Otter and the Great Bear, and saw the Green Vine grow with red attachments and the wee man-child now calmly sitting there. He saw everything! Even the Tree of Life!

Tom-Tom flew to the cedar "Tree of Life" and landed. And, did what Tom-Tom birds naturally do. He threw back his red head and beat out the "FIRST SOUND" ever heard in Cedar upon Mother Earth and upward to the Sky Spirits, and everyone was well pleased. As his message to the Universe was: "Last Red Berry of the Great Bear granted, and life has arrived to the un-furred"

As I heard: So have I shared.

I am Wha-O Chee (Bear Standing )

[ of the Mide manido ("Grand Medicine spirit") ] {Eternal MedicineLodge]

And I share to the Nations that which I have received:

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